Tu Jhoothi Mai Makkar actress Monica Chaudhary hails Ranbir Kapoor for his humble and fun-loving nature.The actress who has worked on some good projects such as Salt City and Apharan is debuting in the Hindi film industry. Tu Jhoothi Mai Makkar is going to be her Bollywood debut directed by LUV Ranjan.While interacting with the media actress speaks a lot about Ranbir Kapoor as an individual saying, “I’m such a huge fan of his work, and all of a sudden he is my co-actor. I didn’t know how to behave or act but honestly once I was on set this question didn’t even come to my mind. Because I never felt I’m a newcomer or outsider and they are already stars. Of course, I had that respect that they are my seniors but it was so comfortable.”
Monica Chaudhary

Monica further added, “Talking about Ranbir, he likes to tease and do random things to annoy like putting his finger in my chai to ruin it. He would just like to take your case. But having said that he would constantly make sure if I’m missing or forgetting something like camera angles, he would whisper in my ears like face there or look there. He used to always ask me about the auditions happening and work. He constantly kept asking how are you giving the audition etc. In fact, at one point, he offered me to give a cue for one of my self-tests for another project. He used to read most of my audition scripts with me every day. He also guided me for auditions and screen tests. That’s how humble he is,”.She also recalls one of the moments from a set and says, “I remember telling him that I’m a fan of Alia and one day randomly he would video call her and introduce me to Alia saying she’s a big fan of you. And I was looking at her star-struck like don’t know what to say,”
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