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Prabhas, Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan are coming to regal the audience with Adipurush on June 16. There is a lot of excitement for the Om Raut film despite the flak over the bad VFX and lacklustre second trailer of the movie. The film is looking at making the maximum moolah from the Hindi and Telugu belt. Prabhas is one of the top Tollywood stars, and there is huge demand for every movie on his. As per some trade site, it is being said that the Telugu version is in trouble as the top distributors do not wish to buy the film at exorbitant rates. Also Read – Kriti Sanon expresses gratitude for all the love on Adipurush final trailer after Om Raut kiss controversy
It seems People Media Factory (PMF) purchased the wholesale Telugu rights of the movie at a whopping Rs 170 crores. Some days back, reports came that noted Telugu producer-distributor Dil Raju backed off from buying distribution rights as PMF wanted a massive amount for Nizam and Uttarandhra regions. Also Read – Adipurush: Saif Ali Khan fans speculate why he is absent from promotions; wonder if he is not ‘excited enough’ for the movie
It has been said by Track Tollywood that People Media Factory is unable to recover Rs 50 crores as top distributors are not keen to buy the film. They have said that the company is asking for a huge sum that does not look feasible. PMF is facing troubles as they are yet to recover Rs 50 crores for the Rs 170 crores spent by them on the movie. Also Read – Adipurush: Prabhas stops himself in time from holding Kriti Sanon’s waist; fans laud the actor
Mythri Movie Makers have bought the Nizam rights for Rs 50 crores. Six territories of Andhra Pradesh have been sold to others for a total sum of Rs 50 crores. The Ceded rights have been purchased for Rs 17.5 crores. This has left the production company with a deficit of Rs 52. 5 crores. Prabhas’ last movie Radhe Shyam tanked very badly. Other films like Acharya and Liger also brought huge losses for distributors. It is not surprising to see that they are treading carefully.
But this is shocking that Prabhas film is not distributors. The rebel star has a huge fan base all over India. Telugu market is his biggest. In the North, the film is expected to take a smashing opening. Experts are predicting that it will make Rs 100 crores plus in the first weekend itself.

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