Anurag Kashyap and Abhay Deol collaborated on the ground-breaking Dev D more than a decade ago (2009). While the audience hoped for another blockbuster collaboration from the duo, Deol and Kashyap became more enemies. In an episode of Sit with Hitlist, Actor Abhay, who is currently making big headlines in the success of Netflix’s Trial by Fire, opened up about his feud with Kashyap following the latter’s scathing words in a 2020 interview. In which Anurag stated that Abhay Deol wanted to do artistic movies, but he also wanted mainstream benefits…
Abhay took a dig at Anurag’s allegations and said, “[Kashyap] went in public, and told a lot of lies about me. One was that I demanded a five star hotel room during the shoot of Dev.D. He had actually come up to me and said, ‘Listen, you can’t stay with us, you are a Deol. So, I want to put you up in a hotel room.’ He literally told me that. What he told the press was that I demanded it.”
According to Mid-day source, when they had an interview with the Udta Punjab director, Anurag apologized to Abhay once and he said he is ready to apologize again. Kashyap also stated, “It’s okay if that’s how he feels. Everyone has their own version of the truth. Perhaps he felt attacked because of what I said about him earlier. “I personally apologize to him for hurting his feelings.”

While apologizing, Anurag cleared that his previous comment was based on the past behavior of Abhay. He said, “What I said was what he used to be,” Kashyap also stated that he does not want to drag that issue anymore, instead wants to celebrate Abhay Deol’s latest work. Anurag said, “We all change over time. He did an excellent job in ‘Trial by Fire’ and I believe it is time to celebrate his outstanding performance rather than argue over who said what.”
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