Kartik Aaryan’s fan travels from Mumbai to Jhansi on a cycle to meet him; touches the actor’s feet to greet him [Watch]

Kartik Aaryan’s fan travels from Mumbai to Jhansi on a cycle to meet him; touches the actor’s feet to greet him, netizens react [Watch]

Kartik Aaryan shares an unmatchable fandom, the actor is a fan-made superstar and his fans go miles for him. And this one of the fans of the actor literally walked miles to meet him. Kartik Aaryan is right now grabbing headlines after his male fan cycled from Jhansi to Mumbai to have a glimpse of him. Kartik too walked out of his Mumbai house and met the fan who touched his feet to greet him. The Chandu Champion actor was seen having an interaction with the fan and expressing disbelief over how someone come so far to just meet him. That’s the stardom Kartik has earned. Also Read – Iconic Gold Awards 2024 winners: Rupali Ganguly, Hina Khan, Mohit Malik and others win big
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Calling himself a fan made star, Kartik had said, ” I know that when no one supported me, my fans did and that’s why I always say that I am a fan made superstar or a fan made actor, I love that. I often think about why I get so much love and I think it is because people believe that I am one of them and I represent them, their dreams and that’s why I am always happy. That’s why I hop on to the terraces, on top of cars, shake the hands of every fan, I can’t express it but I makes me really happy”. Also Read – Kartik Aaryan wraps up the shooting of Chandu Champion by having rasmalai; reveals having sugar after a year

Watch the video of Kartik Aaryan’s fan cycling 1600 km just to have a glimpse of him in real

Kartik Aaryan is very much aware of his stardom and he owes it to his fans. The Shehzada star never fails to acknowledge the success that he received because of his fans and his immense hard work and determination. Kartik Aaryan gained fame with his first film Pyaar Ka Punchnama and since then there has been no looking back for him. Also Read – Shark Tank India 3 judge Ritesh Agarwal feels THESE two Bollywood hunks would be best sharks

But what made the actor a superstar among his fans is his latest release Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, where he replaced Akshay Kumar and proved his mettle as a STAR. Kartik is right now gearing up for his next release Chandu Champion and the fans are eagerly waiting to see him in this sports drama.
Watch the video of Kartik Aaryan

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