Panchayat season 3: Is this the reason behind OTT release delay of Jitendra Kumar’s web series?

Panchayat season 3: Is this the reason behind OTT release delay of Jitendra Kumar

Panchayat, the popular web series on Amazon Prime Video, has been keeping its fans waiting for the third season. The show, which revolves around the life of an urban youth who takes up a job as a secretary in a rural panchayat, has won critical acclaim and audience love for its realistic portrayal of rural India and its humorous situations. The second season, which premiered in October 2022, ended on a cliffhanger, leaving the viewers eager to know what happens next. Also Read – Panchayat season 3 delayed? Amazon Prime Video removes Jitendra Kumar’s show from its upcoming web series list
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However, the third season, which was earlier slotted for January 15, 2024, has been postponed indefinitely. The makers have not given any official reason for the delay, but there are some speculations that might explain why the fans have to wait longer for their favourite show. Also Read – Mirzapur 3, Paatal Lok 2 and more: Top 7 most awaited new web series sequels of 2024
One possible reason is that the makers did not have enough time to promote the show due to the festive time in January. India celebrates several festivals in the first month of the year, such as Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri, Republic Day, and others. These festivals are usually accompanied by family gatherings, cultural events, and religious rituals, which might reduce the viewership of the web series. The makers might have wanted to avoid releasing the show during this busy period and instead focus on creating more buzz and hype for it.
Another possible reason is that the makers did not want to release the show amidst the clutter of new releases in theatres and OTT platforms. January is also a month when many big-budget films and web series make their debut, hoping to cash in on the holiday season. For instance, some of the anticipated releases in January 2024 are Fighter in theatres and Indian Police Force on OTT. Merry Christmas and Killer Soup have also recently released. The makers of Panchayat might have felt that their show would get overshadowed by these mega projects and decided to postpone it to a rather free week, when they could attract more attention and eyeballs.
Whatever the reason, the delay of Panchayat Season 3 has surely disappointed the fans, who are eagerly waiting to see the fate of Abhishek, Pradhan Ji, and the villagers of Phulera. The show, which has been praised for its witty writing, stellar performances, and social commentary, has a loyal fan base that hopes to see the show soon. The makers have not announced the new release date yet, but we hope that they will not keep us waiting for too long.

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