Parasite director Bong Joon-Ho demands investigation into the tragic death of Lee Sun-Kyun; urges for protection of human rights of artistes

Parasite director Bong Joon-Ho demands investigation into the tragic death of Lee Sun-Kyun; urges for protection of human rights of artistes

The world was in shock after Parasite and My Mister star Lee Sun-kyun was found dead in his car on December 27, 2023. He apparently died of charcoal poisoning. Lee Sun-kyun died by suicide after facing drug abuse charges. This happened after he had been grilled by the cops for 19 hours. The fact is that all his drug tests came back negative. Lee Sun-kyun had admitted that he was one of the clients of a high-end brothel in Seoul. The police enquiry meant a loss of face to his agency and huge financial penalties. A number of celebrities called out the witch hunt by the cops and public that could have led him to take such a drastic step. Also Read – Lee Sun-Kyun Death: Korean Police takes Parasite star’s alleged blackmailer in custody; extortion details come to the fore
Parasite maker Bong Joon-Ho wants to protect rights of artistes
As per a report in Variety, Bong Joon-Ho led a press conference in Seoul and demanded that the police submit a full report of the probe, and how they went about it. Recordings of what Lee Sun-kyun told the cops had made their way into the media. He said he wanted transparency so that the public could know the truth. Lee Sun-kyun’s fans have called out the police department for sharing information with the media and use of tactics. The cops gave an official statement saying they followed the protocol. Lee Sun-kyun gained international recognition for his work in Parasite. He also won a SAG Award with the rest of the team. Also Read – RIP Lee Sun Kyun: Claudia Kim, singer Yuri, actor Lee Ji-Hoon mourn the demise of the Parasite star; Incheon Police issues statement
Bong Joon-Ho said all the details of his police appearances made their way into the media. He said the actor chose to end his life after the third summons. The event was held in Korea Press Center. The public has also wanted a full investigation into the two women who allegedly blackmailed him. Also Read – Parasite Actor Lee Sun Kyun: K-drama fans condole death of My Mister star; say, ‘And now no one will judge you, expose you’ [Check Reactions]
Lee Sun-Kyun’s agency takes a strong stand
The departed actor’s agency Hodu Entertainment has sent a strong message to every media outlet that has been carrying his stories. They have said that any malicious or false report will be sternly dealt with. In his public apology, Lee Sun-kyun said, ” I would like to bow my head in apology to everyone who has trusted me and supported me all this time. As I delivered through my agency, my position is that I will faithfully participate in the investigation with an honest attitude. I feel very sorry for my family, who is currently suffering a lot.” Around 2000 artistes and 29 industry associations have signed a petition for the late star.

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