Following the success of Om Shanti Om, Chennai Express, and Happy New Year, King Khan and Deepika are back on the big screen. For the first time, Deepika is playing an action role in ‘Pathaan’.
Shah Rukh Khan praised Deepika Padukone in a video interview with Yash Raj Films. He explained, “Deepika Padukone’s stature is required to pull off a song sequence like ‘Besharam Rang,’ followed by an action in which she grabs a guy, ties him to herself, and beats him. She’s tough enough to handle it. In the action scenes, I believe she is tougher than me. That kind of combination could only have come from someone like Deepika.”

He went on to say, “And then there’s the whole emotional thing; there are two or three sequences in the film where you learn why she’s doing this balancing act of not knowing whether she’s good or bad. Then there’s the character’s huge vulnerability. As an action film, we obviously cannot go too deep into it and continue to take that approach because when you come to see an action film, you want to see action or some thrill going on after 10-12 minutes.”

He came to the conclusion, “But I believe Deepika has had enough. To be extremely likable, vulnerable (in a good way, not because she is a woman), and powerful. So, physically, she has to look like that while remaining feminine. So it’s a layered character for an action film ‘heroine,’ to put it mildly.” 

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The first song, ‘Besharam Rang,’ elicited polarising reactions due to Deepika Padukone’s clothing choices. The song is set on the beaches of Spain, with the actress dressed in saffron-colored swimsuits. While some netizens have expressed misogynistic reactions to the outfits a woman should or should not wear, others have called for a “boycott” of the film.
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