BTS ARMY would be crying in the corner right now because BTS’ golden maknae Jungkook has deleted his Instagram account. Yes, you read that right. Jungkook is no longer on Instagram. It was about one year and a couple of months ago, that the BTS members officially joined Instagram together following only each other. And now, Jungkook known for his fickle behaviour has now deleted Instagram altogether. BTS ARMY has had a different journey with Jungkook and his Instagram account.
Jungkook reveals he has deleted Instagram

The Hollywood News section is going to go haywire with the Golden Maknae aka Jeon Jungkook’s big revelation about deleting his Instagram account. Well, that’s not it, he also revealed that he has deleted the app altogether. It so happened that Jungkook came live on Weverse a couple of hours ago. He was asked if his account was hacked by ARMY. It was then that Jungkook revealed that he has deleted his account and his app.
Jungkook reveals why he quit Instagram and future

The Stay Alive and Run BTS hitmaker revealed that he was not using the app anymore and dropped the bomb about the possibility of not using it anymore. Jungkook commented and mentioned saying that he would rather come live on Weverse. Well, this is surely heartbreaking for the BTS ARMY. Check out the translated tweets here:

Jungkook had a very funny tryst with Instagram. From his impressive name in the beginning, abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz to Jungkook.97 to the South Korean idol deleting his entire feed from the account only to re-upload in a stylised format, BTS ARMY has seen Jungkook through various phases. Jungkook also conducted AMA sessions on Instagram. He would share Instagram stories as well. But from the moment BTS announced hiatus with solo activities in focus, Jungkook became less and less active on Instagram. He recently joined V, Kim Taehyung, for an online live on Instagram. BTS ARMY would be going berserk right now.

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