Salman Khan announced he will be hosting the upcoming Filmfare Awards. Dressed in a black suit, he stated he’s not interested in awards, but rewards, and talked about giving new actors competition. Watch Videos.
68th Filmfare Awards 2023: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan made a stunning appearance at a press conference in Mumbai, where he revealed that he would be hosting the prestigious Filmfare Awards this year. The actor, dressed in a sharp black suit paired with a grey shirt, charmed the media with his wit and candid remarks. During the conference, he also talked about how he plans to give the new generation of actors tough competition. Salman Khan made it clear that he is not interested in awards but instead wants rewards. He even reminisced about hosting the awards with Shah Rukh Khan in the past. Overall, the press conference was a delightful treat for Salman Khan’s fans. Watch Videos.

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