Akshay Kumar is going through a rough phase in his career as all his releases have failed at the box office including Selfiee but the superstar is not going to get bogged down with it and he proudly admits his failure and even said this hasn’t happened to him for the first time and he has seen 16 flops in a row, owning all the flops, Khiladi Kumar said that the audiences have changed and he too has to change or else they will move on. Akshay Kumar’s Selfiee has reportedly been the lowest second-day opening at the box office in the last 14 years.
Talking about the failure at the box office Akshay in interaction with AajTak’s Seedhi Baat said, “This has not happened to me for the first time. There was a time when 16 films of mine did not work one after the other. Another time, eight films mine did not work. Even now, 3-4 recent films have not too work. The thing is it is your fault that a film is not working. The audience has changed and you have to change too and rework. You have to dismantle and start creating yourself again because the audience requires you to see something else. It is a great alarm button when 3-4 films flop that it is time to change. That I am doing, I am trying.”.
While the actor admitted that it’s his 100% fault and no one is to blame for his failure.” This is my fault, 100%. Your film not working is not because of the audience or any other thing. It is because you have not given the right ingredients in your film. You have to change as I said.”

There are lots of trade experts expressing their shock over Akshay Kumar’s failure, Ekta Kapoor has come out in support of the superstar and called him the most reliable actor in the Industry.

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