BTS founder and mentor Bang Si-Hyuk aka Bang PD has given an interview to CNN. The interview was conducted by Richard Quest at the Hybe headquarters in Seoul. He was asked about what he did he feel about the enlistment of the members at the peak of their careers. He said that from a career point of view no one would like a hiatus of one and a half years unless it was from someone’s own willing. He said that emotionally and mentally all the members had the sentiment that they will serve the nation through military duty. Every Korean male has to do mandatory military service.
He said they were discussing this since 2018. Bang PD said that BTS members thought of charting individual careers since a while. He said that transition is important. He said enlistment will given them a break from an intense career of ten years.
Bang PD also said that HYBE’s acquisition in SM was not to monopolize K-Pop. He said that SM Entertainment had issues with governance which he hopes can be solved with help from HYBE. If you are following the story, then Lee Soo Man and his nephew in-law Chris Lee are at loggerheads. It is the former who sold his shares to HYBE. It is being said that Lee sold stake to the Korean conglomerate Kakao without informing him. Bang PD also said that lot of effort was needed to make K-Pop popular globally.
He said that there was a lot of misinformation out there. Bang PD said that they did the deal after the consent of Lee Soo Man who is one of the top figures of the K-Pop scene. SM Entertainment has given K-Pop groups like EXO, aespa, NCT, Girls Generation, Super Junior who are all famous.

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