Singer Sonu Nigam attacked during concert in Mumbai.

Singer Sonu Nigam reacted to being attacked and manhandled at his concert in Mumbai. On Monday night, Sonu was performing in Chembur when a man, identified as Swapnil Prakash Phaterpekar, attacked him and his team over a selfie.

In the scuffle, Sonu’s guru Ghulam Mustafa Khan’s son and his close aid Rabbani Khan along with his bodyguard sustained some injuries.

Following the attack, Sonu Nigam spoke with the media and revealed that he has filed a complaint against the attacker.

Sonu said, “After the concert, I was coming down from stage when a man Swapnil Prakash Phaterpekar held me. Then he pushed Hari & Rabbani who came to save me. Then I fell on steps. I filed a complaint so that people should think about forcefully taking selfies & causing scuffle.”

Pictures and videos of Sonu at the Zen Hospital in Mumbai and meeting with the police have now gone viral.

Speaking about the incident with the press, Hemrajsingh Rajput, DCP, Zone 6, said, “After live concert, Sonu Nigam was coming down from stage when a man held him. After objection he pushed Sonu Nigam & two other men with him from the steps, one of those two men sustained injuries. Accused’s name is Swapnil Phaterpekar.”

The police official added that as per the information received, the attack didn’t seem intentional. “As per interaction with Sonu Nigam, incident didn’t seem to be intentional, it was done by a single person. The volunteers then controlled the situation. Only one name in FIR. It’s just a case where the singer was held by accused maybe due to intention of having photo,” the official added.

The concert was part of a four-day long musical festival and Sonu Nigam was invited to perform on the finale night. Videos of Sonu’s performances, besides the scuffle, have gone viral on Twitter.

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