The curtain has not yet been lifted from these secrets, the answer will be found in the second season, when will Saas, Bahu and Flamingo 2 come? –

The crime thriller series Saas, Bahu and Flamingo was released on OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar on 5 May. This series is being liked a lot these days. The story of the series is of Rani Baa ( Dimple Kapadia ) who along with her daughters-in-law ( Isha Talwar and Angir Dhar ) and daughter ( Radhika Madan ) deals in drugs under the guise of herbal and handicraft business and no one can hear about it. Ear is not news.
Its story is very much liked by everyone, because there is crime, bloodshed and the suspense mystery is so much that the head gets dizzy. There are a total of 8 episodes in the first season, but even now the story of Rani Baa and her cocaine business and all the people associated with it has not been completed. Many secrets are yet to be revealed, there are many suspense which remains intact, which makes it clear that the second season of Saas, Bahu and Flamingo will definitely come.
The curtain will rise from these secrets
1. At the end of the series, we saw that Bijli’s friend Naina (Monica Dogra) is cremated instead of Rani Baa. Rani Baa creates a game of her fake death. This raises the question whether the queen had a hand in Naina’s death. And if not, then who killed Naina?

2. In the last episode, Rani Baa’s enemy Monk tears up her will, so that it is not known who Rani Baa chose as her heir from her three sons, both daughters-in-law and daughter before creating a fake game of death. Was. The answer to this question can be found in the second season.
4. There is some story in the history of every character of the series, like the younger daughter-in-law brought Kajal from Rani Ba Kothe and made her daughter-in-law and did business together. However, what is the history of his elder daughter-in-law Bijli, how did she connect with Rani Ba, the answer to this question is yet to be found. Looking at Bijli’s character, it seems that her past is also very mysterious.
5. In the second season, we can get to know more about Naina and Bijli’s relationship. In the first season, we saw that there is an affair between the two. However, looking at both, it seems that there has been some other story related to both of them in the past.

4. Proshun (Jimit Trivedi) also supports her in Rani Ba’s game of false death, who is the ACP of Narcotics Bureau and was engaged in exposing Rani Ba’s drug business. In such a situation, the question arises whether Rani Baa has only used him in her game or does she also have a role in this game. Is it possible that while exposing Rani Ba’s business, he also joined her side.
These characters will get more space
There is a villain named Monk (Deepak Dobriyal) in the series, who is quite dangerous and dreaded in appearance. Although this character has got very less space in the season, but the twist at which the story has ended, it seems that this character will emerge in the next season. Along with this, Naseeruddin Shah’s character is also expected to get some more space.
However, just looking at the story of the first season, it is being said that the second season of Saas, Bahu Aur Flamingo will come. Although the makers have not announced it yet, but the way the story ended and all these questions are yet to be answered, it is expected that the second season will definitely come. In such a situation, it has to be seen when the makers announce the second season.

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