Anupamaa fans have a lot of drama in store. It looks like the former Shah couple, Vanraj and Anupamaa are going to run into crisis with current partners. Some days back, Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) told Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) that he wished he could have her back in her life. He remembered the old times when there was happiness is his home as Anupamaa kept everyone together like an unit. He also kissed her head. It seems Kavya (Madalsa Sharma) overhears this and loses her cool. Angrily, she decides to explore a future with Anirudh as he is loyal towards her.
Kavya will berate Vanraj in front of the whole Shah household. She will ask him how did he manage to stoop so low to think of getting back to Anupamaa. Anirudh and she will get close in this period. On the other hand, Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) has rescued Maya (Chhavi Pandey) from the hands of Sampat. We will see her hugging and kissing him after this. Sampat will make a video of the same and circulate it all around. When Anupamaa sees this, she will get a shock. We have to see how Anuj proves his innocence.
We have to see if Maya and Sampat are in alliance. As we know, she wants the custody of Choti Anu. A huge crisis is awaiting both Vanraj and Anupamaa. Other than these spoilers, Nidhi Shah aka Kinjal is going to be on a music video with Mohsin Khan. Fans are waiting to see them together.

By Nikita

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