Rani Mukerji is promoting her movie Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway and dishing out interviews. In the movie, Rani plays a mother of two kids and she is separated from her children. Rani Mukerji is a mother to a daughter Adira Chopra. Rani and Aditya Chopra welcomed a baby girl in December 2015. Rani in a recent interview opened up on managing her career and also being a parent. Rani talks about making some sacrifices as a parent and as a working professional. On the other hand, Rani also shares how Adira is already understanding.
Rani Mukerji shares how Adira is an understanding daughter

Rani Mukerji is grabbing headlines of late because of the release of her movie Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway. However, she has made it to the entertainment news for her revelation about Adira and parenting. In an interview with India Today, Rani shares that the pandemic was a blessing in disguise as Adira started homeschooling which made travelling easier. However, now, things are different. Adira is now in the 1st grade and will soon go to the 2nd grade. And doing a film now that she is growing would be quite challenging.
Rani says that now Adira cannot bunk school. She adds that she has to start building strength to be away from her daughter. Adira also has to be prepared to be away from her mother because of the shoots. Rani says that she will see what happens in future. The actress shares that she will only do one film a year as she wants to go back home and spend time with her daughter. Rani also wants to help Adira with her homework.
Rani Mukerji talks about making sacrifices as a mother and a working professional

Rani shares that she feels grateful to be in a position where she can play her schedule. However, there are times when she doesn’t have a choice to go back home. Rani says that when she is working in a professional environment, there are certain sacrifices that one has to be prepared for. She said that it is then that one has to make their child understand. “In my case, both Adi and I are working parents, so Adira is having a good upbringing in understanding that she has two professional parents,” she says.

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