Anupama: Whole New Track! Anu’s DNA test to reveal real father Star Plus Hindi TV serial Anupama is all set to see further Anupama’s new dilemmas with another huge new truth coming out.As per the ongoing storyline, it is seen how Anupama and Anuj comfort Maya knowing her painful past.Anuj apologizes for misunderstanding Maya when the latter thanks him for being a gentleman to her even after knowing the truth.However, now everything is going to mess up ultimately for Anupama because Anu’s father is none other than Anuj himself.Anuj’s mistaken one-night stand With Vanraj throwing Paritosh out of the house and Maya demanding her daughter back,Now, you will see some major evidence revealing the truth to Anuj that he is Anu’s father.Wherein the next is Paritosh’s mental breakdown and Choti Anu’s DNA test track,It would be highly intensified to watch how the story unfolds next and how Anupama reacts to thisMake sure to read the new updates and the latest news with us.

By Rashmi

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